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During the creation of this website, Danniebelle would write letters detailing her life with diabetes. The letters are very inspirational, as her faith in God remained strong til the very end of her life here on earth, and the beginning of her everlasting life. May you be blessed in His name.


April 06, 2000

Some of you may have heard that I have been hospitalized. Thank you for your prayers and concerns.

As you know, I am on hemodialysis. In hemodialysis, blood is pumped from the body to a filter. The blood is purified, and is returned to the body. One of the disadvantages of hemodialysis is dialysis graft failure.

I have been faced with how to keep my shunt and my perma Cath open. You see the shunt is my life line to being able to purify my blood. For some unknown reason, I clot easily, so as a back up system I have a perma Cath installed in my chest.

The past few weeks have been spent in and out of the hospital trying to open up my shunt. That has been unsuccessful and eventually, I will have to have another shunt placed in the left arm. In the meantime, the perma Cath keeps clotting, and as a last resort, the doctors inserted a catheter in the groin.

Obviously your prayers have been working because the upside is - I am out of the hospital. Through all of this, my spirit has remain undaunted. I'll go a step further. I am actually rejoicing in the Lord at how good I feel. There are some days that I don't feel as though I have ever been sick. As a matter of fact, I feel better now sometimes, than I did when I thought I was feeling great. I thank you again for your prayers....

Love Danniebelle

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